Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-Off Meeting for PEMS4NANO is coming up. The meeting is hosted by Bosch and will be held in Renningen, Germany. At the KOM all partners will meet for the... Read more

PMP 42nd session

The next Particle Measurement Programme (PMP) is coming up. Please find below a link to all PMP-meetings. PMP meetings

General Assembly #2

The 2nd General Assembly will be held at Horiba, Oberursel – Germany on 28 and 29 March 2017. At the GA all partners will come together to discuss the progress... Read more

European Aerosol Conference 2017

At the European Aerosol Conference (EAC) 2017 a poster about the PEMs4Nano project has been presented by the University of Lille. The poster was presented in a session called “Mobile Sources... Read more

General Assembly #3

The 3rd General Assembly will be held at Idiada close to Barcelona in Spain on 4 and 5 October 2017. At the GA all partners will come together to discuss... Read more

Annual Aerosol Science Conference 2017

“Pushing the limits of aerosol measurements and simulations”

General Assembly #4

The 4th General Assembly will be held at the University of Cambridge, UK on 27 and 28 March 2018. At the GA all partners will come together to discuss the... Read more

TRA 2018

PEMs4Nano will be present at the TRA 2018 in Vienna, together with other projects in the cluster Emissions Measurement (DonwToTen and SUREAL-23).

Cambridge Particle Meeting 2018

The Cambridge Particle Meeting was held on Friday, 15th June at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. As in previous years, Cambustion sponsored the event so there was no conference fee.... Read more

22nd ETH-Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

The ETH Conference on Combustion-Generated Nanoparticles serves as an interdisciplinary platform for expert discussions on all aspects of nanoparticles, freshly emitted from various sources, aged in ambient air, technical mitigation aspects, impact of... Read more