Model-guided approach

An important innovation in PEMs4Nano is the model-guided approach. “The key to reaching our goal is to understand how particles evolve from inside the engine all the way to the tailpipe end,” says Amit Bhave, CEO of CMCL. “We are developing models that describe this trajectory, and these models will make the future EU certification tests more robust and reliable.” This so-called model guided application (MGA) workflow combines several models, based on the components in the combustion system. “The model consists of four steps,” Amit explains. The first step is the fuel oxidation, i.e. the combustion of the fuel. The second step involves additional processes in the combustion chamber, for example turbulent mixing of the gases and reaction kinetics. In the third step the particles are flowing down the exhaust system. “In the fourth and last step we describe the measurement device itself,” says Amit. Combined, these models make it possible to understand the full particle trajectory. “In the project, we validate our models, so that future EU certification tests are more robust and reliable.”