Computational Modelling Cambridge Limited

Computational Modelling Cambridge Limited (CMCL) is a software products and technical consultancy services company that offers advanced computational modelling solutions to solve engineering challenges in energy, automotive, chemicals and materials industries. Presently, the company employs highly specialized 15 technical staff in Cambridge, UK. CMCL develops and markets three software toolkits, i] “kinetics” for formulating chemical reaction schemes, gas phase reactors and nanomaterial synthesis, ii] “SRM Engine Suite” software for simulating fuels, turbulent combustion and emissions in modern IC engines, and iii] Model Development Suite (“MoDS”) applied to automated calibration/parameter estimation, surrogate generation and uncertainty analysis in areas of chemicals, bioenergy, low-carbon vehicles and CO2 abatement. Its toolkits have won various awards such as the AEI Tech Award 2010 and the SAE Industry Innovator (2010, 2011 & 2015). Over the last decade, the team has been responsible for publishing well over fifty peer-reviewed research papers. As an R&D-driven software vendor, CMCL is an active member of the European Material Modeling Council (EMMC) and continues to actively lead and partner in several large collaborative R&D projects.

Country: United Kingdom