PEMs4Nano & PaREGEn | Final Event | 12+13 Nov 2019 | Santa Oliva, Spain

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The PaREGEn and PEMs4Nano Joint Final Event took place on November 12th & 13th, 2019. The Final Event was hosted by Applus IDIADA in Santa Oliva near Barcelona, Spain and was co-organised by Uniresearch. About 70 guests joined the event to see the results that have been worked on over the past three years. During the two day event results were shared in presentations from the PEMS4Nano project, the PaREGEn project and related other projects.

The keynote speaker Flemming Cassee, from the RIVM, spoke about the Health effects of air pollution from a toxilogical perspective.

Outside, on the IDIADA premises, the results were being demonstrated to the public in a exhibition area. State-of-the-art simulations allowed the visitors to dive into the fundamental mechanisms behind these technologies. The visitors could take a test drive in which 10 nm particle emissions were being measured in real-time (RDE) and were shown the new gasoline combustion engine technology in action on a chassis dynamometer.

The presentations and posters can be found by using the following link:
PEMs4Nano & PaREGEn Final Event – Presentations & Posters

Exhibition Area
Diving into the fundamental mechanisms behind the technologies with state-of-the-art simulations:


Test Drive with a PEMs4Nano demonstrator
10 Nm particle emissions being measured real-time:

Chassis Dyno Test with a PaREGEn vehicle
New gasoline combustion engine technology in action in a vehicle on a chassis dynamometer:

Presentations to an interactive public

Many thanks to all attendees!