PEMs4Nano at the TAP Conference in Thessaloniki

15-17 May 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Prof. Cristian Focsa (Université de Lille) presented the latest results from the PEMs4Nano project at the 23rd International Transport and Air Pollution (TAP) conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. The TAP conference is a key event of dialogue and networking in the areas of transport and air pollution, between scientists, researchers, transport users and decision makers.

During the conference Prof. Marcus Rieker also had a discussion with the project officer (Dr. Marina Kousoulidou), and with the representatives of the partner projects, DownToTen (Prof. Zisis Samaras) and Sureal23 (Dr. Eleni Papaioannou), to align the progress between the three projects.

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Prof. Zisi Samaras, Dr. Marina Kousoulidou, Dr. Eleni Papaioannou, Prof. Marcus Rieker at the TAP Conference in Thessaloniki