PMP meeting 15-16 March 2017

At 15-16 March 2017 the 43rd Particle Measurement Programme (PMP) meeting has been held at JRC in Ispra, Italy.
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► 15th March 2017, 10:00H – 17:30H

1. Welcome & Introduction
2. ACEA Presentation on raw exhaust sampling
3. Discussion on particles from gas engines
4. Calibration
• First results of PNC round robin
• Next steps
5. Sub-23nm
• Update on Horizon 2020 projects on sub-23 nm particles (projects’ presentations)
• BAFU / EMPA presentation “Particle characterization of Euro 6 light duty vehicles including particles >10nm
• Round robin:
o Participants availability on instrumentation and testing periods
o Vehicles / Engines availability
6. WLTP low temperature testing: Potential issues related to PN measurement

► 16th March 2017, 09:00H – 16:00H

1. Welcome & Introduction
2. Step 1 – Adoption/development of a braking test cycle
• H2020 LOWBRASYS project – Selection of the testing cycle (Ford)
• Discussion and update on the work done by the dedicated Task Force
3. Step 2 – Selection of the most suitable sampling method and the most suitable methodology for Brake Wear Particles Measurement and Characterization
• Presentation “Brake Dust Measurements – Selection of the most suitable sampling method” on the experience and lessons learned during an extensive campaign from  Horiba and AUDI on a brake dyno (Horiba)
• Discussion and decision on the way forward
4. Presentation on “Measurement of Brake Wear Particle Emissions using a Dynamometer System under Urban City Driving Cycles” based on a Project organized by the “Japan Automobile Standards Internationalization Centre (JASIC)”
5. Presentation “Chemical analysis of Fine Dust” based on the results of the collaborative project between ITT Motion and TU Ostrava (ITT Motion Technologies)
6. Discussion on the next steps:
• Arrangements for the next meeting