Proceedings of TRA2020, the 8th Transport Research Arena

TRA2020, the 8th Transport Research Arena, which was planned to be held on 27-30 April 2020 in Helsinki, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The work prepared for the TRA2020 has been presented in this Book of Abstracts and has been peer-reviewed and accepted for the conference. Authors were encouraged to publish their full paper in a repository of their choice with a mention of TRA2020. Authors were invited to provide a link to the full paper to be included in this Book of Abstracts.

PEMs4Nano is mentioned at page 38.

Selection of TRA2020 papers were published in Special Issues of following journals: European Transport Research Review (Vol. 11-12) and Utilities Policy (Vol. 62 & 64).

Papers with a TRA VISIONS 2020 senior researcher winner as an author are marked with large yellow stars. Smaller stars stand for papers with an author shortlisted in the TRA VISIONS 2020
competition. The EC has supported the best senior researchers involved in EU projects with the TRA VISIONS awards.

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