BRUSSELS: Successful FINAL review of the PEMs4Nano project

The PEMs4Nano project, which ended on December 31st 2019, was succesfully reviewed in Brussels. “The partners did excellent work,” according to Dr. Marina Kousoulidou, project officer at INEA. “Everything was delivered according to plan, and on some points the results are even beyond expectations.”

“We are proud that the project produced so many results”, said Marcus Rieker (Horiba Europe GmbH), project coordinator. The PEMs4Nano consortium participated in 47 conferences, including the major international aerosol meetings, an invited presentation at the TRA2018 in Vienna and will be at the TRA2020 in Helsinki. Seven peer-reviewed articles have been published, and five more are under review. The project was highly visible, with two articles making it to the journal cover. It has won 4 prizes, including the Trojan Horse award at the ETH Particle Meeting 2019, a paper selected as one of the best papers at the SAE 2019 conference, and the Prix Jean Bricard 2020 prize. Finally, a patent on a semi-volatile mass detector was filed.